Kelton Hammer


PDGA# 272332

Team Mythic Disc Golf - Player Profile:

Name: Kelton Hammer
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current City: Seattle, WA

When did you start playing disc golf? I started playing disc golf in the summer of 2020.

Why did you begin playing disc golf? My wife's coworker introduced me to disc golf.

Is there a specific moment that made you fall in love with disc golf?  A camping trip organized by an avid disc golfer brought us to Paradise Point State Park, where there is a short course. I played for my first time with about 10 others and was immediately addicted (I am a very competitive person... and I won)! Fast forward to 2024 and I've played over 347 rounds at 24 courses in 6 states, with more to come.

Favorite Disc Golf course: Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort

Social Media: @kelton_teamLSD (Instagram)

Off The Course Job: Commercial Real Estate

In the bag: Favorite Driver: Lone Star Curl (Charlie), Favorite Mid: MVP Reactor (Fission), Favorite Putter: Lone Star Benny (D2)

Other Sponsors: Lone Star Discs

Special projects or goals for disc golf in 2024? My goals for 2024 are to play disc golf in as many countries as I can while in Europe, place in the top 10 at every tournament, and win one more tournament.

Tentative 2024 Event Schedule:

Say It Ain't Still Snowing (January 6th, 1st Place)
SeaTac Tree Smack (January 13th, T10th)
Chains Addiction (February 10th, T9th)
Cloud City Chaos 2 - Electric Boogaloo (March 16th)
Gold Rush Doubles (April 20th)
Europe break
Nordisc Tour Høytorp 2024 (May 19th)
Gran Trees-Mo (July 28th)
Oaktown Throwdown (August 3rd)
Huktoberfest (October 5th).