Eric Thwaites

PDGA# 206100

Team Mythic Disc Golf - Player Profile:

Name: Eric Thwaites
Hometown: Coopersville, MI
Current City: Grand Rapids, MI

When did you start playing disc golf? Around 2011

Why did you begin playing disc golf? My Dad was looking for something fun to do over the summer with my brother and I and he stumbled on some Innova starter sets. We had played object golf with normal frisbees while camping when my brother and I were younger, so it was a great way to relive those memories and find a new excuse to hang out for years to come.

Is there a specific moment that made you fall in love with disc golf? It's almost a cliche at this point, but nothing quite compares to watching the flight of a disc. It's why I enjoy spotting at Pro level events because they can throw lines that seem impossible.

Favorite Disc Golf course: 
     Local: Renegade’s Trail
     Out-of-State: Idlewild

Social Media: IG/X: @ethwaites206100

Off The Course Job: Assembly Directions/Product Illustration at Steelcase

In the bag: 
     Favorite Driver: Kastaplast Falk
     Favorite Mid: Discmania Midnight Prowl 2 (Origin)
     Favorite Putter: Trash Panda Inner Core

Other Sponsors: Great Lakes Disc (206100 to save 10%)

Special projects or goals for disc golf in 2024: Staying involved with volunteering and start to learn the ropes by assisting at tournaments. Once you see what goes into running an event, it really makes you want to do what you can to help support those who put these great events together for their communities.

Tentative 2024 event schedule:

March Mayhem
Kentwood Classic
South Kent County Open
Johnson Park Championship
Hastings Disc Golf Grand Prix
River City Open - Am
Just Another Disc Golf Tournament
CCR Open - Am
Samuel Garfield Cup