LB Tour Series Collection

Welcome to the Mythic Disc Golf X Logan Burrow Tour Series Collection, where style meets performance on the fairways! Dive into a collection meticulously crafted in collaboration Logan Burrow, himself. Each shirt in this exclusive lineup has been designed closely with Logan, ensuring every detail reflects his passion for the game and his unique style.

By purchasing from this collection, you're not just getting top-tier disc golf apparel—you're also supporting Logan as he competes in the 2024 season. Your support directly contributes to his journey on the course, helping him chase his dreams and achieve greatness in the disc golf world.

From vibrant jerseys to premium polos, every piece in the Mythic Disc Golf X Logan Burrow Tour Series Collection is a testament to our shared dedication to the sport. Join us in championing Logan's journey while elevating your own game in style. Explore the collection today and gear up to dominate the fairways like never before!


Premium Polo

Sk8r Boi

Embrace the fun and vibrant energy of the course with our unique skateboarding flamingo pattern, a concept we worked closely with Logan to bring to life.

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Premium Polo

Pink Chex

💖 🖤 With its traditional style and modern flair, this premium polo is engineered for both comfort and functionality, making it the perfect choice for any disc golfer looking to elevate their game in style.

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Activfit jersey

Throwin' Bows

Designed to embody Logan's signature style, this jersey boasts vibrant rainbow gradient stripes that add an electrifying touch to your game.

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Classic Jersey

Spectrum Stripes

This jersey features vibrant rainbow gradient pinstripes set against a sleek black background, creating a bold and dynamic look that's sure to turn heads on the course.

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